Do you need a payroll superhero?

With SuperPayroll you can be the hero! We specialise in payroll solutions that boost your effiency and minimise your risk.

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A better way to do payroll

These features will help you gain radical efficiency improvements; improve visibility over payroll costs and processes; and reduce risks of non-compliance, errors, and fraud.

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Automate calculations

Slash your risk and boost your efficiency by automating complex calculations. SuperPayroll software can automate even the most complex calculations. No spreadsheet required.

Improve compliance and reporting

Reporting automation features built into SuperPayroll software allows you to reliably repeat all checks and balances. Automate tedious reporting tasks and free up your time to work smarter!

Consolidate and standarise

Standardise your payroll processes and consolidate reporting with multiple companies, countries, and currencies on a single database.

Work with any pay period, any time

You can do accurate backdated adjustments while preserving audit integrity and access any pay period's data at any time. No limits on history and no need to backup/restore to access it.

Flexible, trusted solutions

Our solutions are tailored to client requirements to ensure that you get the solution that best fits your needs and your pocket.


Get personal support

Deal directly with real people, who are knowledgable and passionate about your payroll.

Choose your solution

You can choose the solution that suits you. On-premise or cloud-based. In-house or outsourced. We'll help you tailor a solution to your needs.

Solve your unique payroll problems

Unique problems require specialised solutions. SuperPayroll's flexibility and experience in tailoring solutions give you the upperhand.

Trust your payroll provider

Our customers know they can count on us and they've been counting on us since 2000.