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Your payroll solution should put you first!

SuperPayroll provides flexible payroll solutions tailored to your unique requirements and budget.

Your choice of solution type


Your payroll function is outsourced to us. We focus on running your payroll, so you can focus on running your business.

Great for saving cost for smaller payrolls or for larger payroll that require specialised skill or confidentiality.

Recommended for: Smaller payrolls (<50 employees), Executive payrolls, Expat payrolls


You run your payroll using the SuperPayroll software, hosted on our cloud infrastructure.

Great option if you prefer to run your own payroll, but don't want to worry about the technical stuff like server infrastructure and backups.

Recommended for: Most medium to large enterprises


You run your payroll using the SuperPayroll software, hosted on your own infrastructure (on-premise or private cloud).

Best for organizations who have strong in-house IT infrastructure teams and want control over hosting. Note: we can also provide advanced application care services in your environment.

Recommended for: Large enterprises with strong in-house IT

Customer-centric solutions to give you maximum benefit

You get to decide the specifics of your solution. We're here to advise you, support you, and make it happen for you.

Choose your solution

You can choose the solution architecture that suits you. On-premise or cloud-based. In-house or outsourced. See solution types above for more details.

Solve your unique payroll problems

Unique problems require specialised solutions. With SuperPayroll, you get a unique combination of flexibility and specialist experience. Some examples of specialised solutions we've delivered for customers are described below.

Automate any calculation

No limits on complexity or number of calculations. Any calculation you can express logically can be automated with SuperPayroll. You can add as many earnings, deductions, company contributions, fringe benefits, accruals, etc. as you need.

Add anything you need

SuperPayroll provides an extendable framework to add additional data tables and fields to your database with no practical limitations. Any number of reports or data extracts can be added too.

Integrate your payroll

Any type of integration from web services to file-based import/exports is possible with SuperPayroll, both inbound and outbound. We have integrated with a multitude of HR, GL, and other systems and can help to shape the best solution to fit into your systems landscape.

Get best practice advice

If you need guidance, we're there to help and can back it up with hundreds of years of payroll implementation experience. We also know that every customer is unique and we have the flexility to adapt our advice to your situation.

Get personal support

Deal directly with real people, who are knowledgable and passionate about your payroll. We don't hide behind support bots or anonymous portals. If you need support, you get it.

Work with a trusted payroll provider

Trust is earned. We've been in business since 2000 and our first customers are still with us. Our growth has been organic and mostly through word-of-mouth, because our customers trust us.

Some of the specialised solutions our customers enjoy

SuccessFactors integration

We've integrated with SAP SuccessFactors (SSF) for a number of clients.

This solution uses web services for all data exchanged between the systems and ensures that no duplicate data entry is required.

It's a great solution for local payrolls in markets where a more cost-effective solution to complement SSF's great human capital management functionality is required.

Note: SAP® and SAP® SuccessFactors® are registered trademarks of SAP SE or its affiliates in Germany and in several other countries.

Shared services / outsource platform

Would you like to reduce time spent on month end reporting by 90%? This is what one of our clients recently reported after implementing SuperPayroll.

How? In this case, the biggest efficiency improvement was thanks to SuperPayroll's report batch feature that allowed standardised month-end report packs to be sent to more than a hundred customers with the click of a single button.

SuperPayroll includes many features designed for these kinds of radical efficiency improvements. All of this is enabled by our scalable technical architecture and flexibility to meet unique customer requirements.

Multi-national payrolls

One of our long-standing customers is an engineering group running payrolls for 15+ countries in Africa and the Middle East on SuperPayroll. This is delivered from a single database that holds unlimited historical data (in their case just over 15 years').

Some of the unique benefits they enjoy thanks to our web architecture and multi-country, multi-company, multi-currency support are:

  • Consolidated reporting across all entities and countries
  • A single GL interface to their global finance system for all countries and currencies
  • Standardised processes and reporting for all entities in the group